Welcome to the North Coast Review                     

A Journal of the Creative Writing Institute of
Lorain County Community College,
Bruce Weigl, Director

Editors: Kim Greenfield

Editorial Staff: Iona Abraham, Benjamin Cordry, Jonathan Dryden, and Nancy Halbrooks

Technical Support: Lori Martin and Joseph Querin

Graphic Design: Meghan Groh and Nick Leverknight

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Editorial Board

Marcia Ballinger, President, LCCC
Robert Beckstrom, Director, Division of Arts and Humanities, LCCC
Robert Dudash, Professor Emeritus, Arts and Humanities, LCCC

The North Coast Review is a literary journal dedicated to publishing a wide range of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, articles, essays, commentary, reviews and artwork by students, faculty, staff and alumni of the Lorain Country Community College. In addition, the journal will provide information about literary events on our campus, and about creative writing offerings in our curriculum. The Creative Writing Institute also sponsors workshops and master classes, free to residents of Lorain and Cuyahoga counties; dates of future workshops will be announced in these pages.

We hope that this publication will serve as an invitation to all of those eligible to submit their work for consideration.


The North Coast Review is published once a semester by the Creative Writing Institute of the Lorain County Community College for the students, faculty, staff and alumna of the college. The Review will publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, articles, essays, commentary, reviews, occasional interviews, and artwork. To be eligible you must either be currently enrolled at the College, currently an employee at the College, or an alumnus of the college. Submissions should be sent to mailto:ncr@lorainccc.edu, attention Kim Greenfield, editors, and must include your name and e-mail address.

Submissions should be no longer than ten pages of poetry or fifteen pages of fiction or nonfiction, and should include a brief biographical statement including your relationship with the College. Please include your submission as a Word document, either in your email or as an email attachment. Please do not add special formatting to your text: use a standard, black font.

All decisions about what goes into the journal will be made by the editorial staff after careful consideration and are final. For further information about the Journal or about the Institute for Creative Writing contact Bruce Weigl, Director, Creative Writing Institute, Lorain County Community College at 440-366-7141. Other inquiries should be sent to The Review's e-mail address.